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19 year old fangirl. Super willing and happy to talk if you ever want/need to :) You will find : Young Justice,Marvel, DC, ATLA, Legend of Korra, The Mortal Instruments, Fullmetal Alchemist, Darker Than Black, Blue Exorcist, OHSHC, SAO, Free!, Kyoukai no Kanata etc... basically a crap tonne of anime, books, cartoons and art :) and lots of random things that interest/amuse me :)
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Song: Cell Block Tango (He Had It Coming)
Artist: Chicago Soundtrack
Album: Chicago Movie Soundtrack
Played: 100,491 times.
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Take this speedo and shut the fuck up.
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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  The matsuoka siblings!

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Marvel Female Solo Titles
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when we were young


when we were young

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Song: Would you date Nitori or Captain Mikoshiba?
Artist: Free! Drama CD
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MIKOSHIBA: By the way, I’m also a pretty responsible guy!
RIN: You’re the captain, so you have to be responsible…
NITORI: Do you prefer a responsible person, Matsuoka-senpai?
RIN: Huh?
NITORI: Let’s say if you were a girl and you had to date either me or Captain, who would you pick?
RIN: Huh, are you fucking nuts?! How did this come up?
NITORI: It’s just a little fun. Answer me, who would you pick?
MIKOSHIBA: [laughs] Seems interesting! Who will it be, Matsuoka?
RIN: [sighs] What a pain in the ass… (But they look like they’ll keep pestering me until I answer… I’ll just give it a little thought and get back to practice. If I were to date Captain Mikoshiba…)

MIKOSHIBA: [runs up] Hey, Matsuoka! Thank goodness it’s sunny out today, eh! A good day for a date!
RIN: Captain Mikoshiba. Do you know what time it is?
MIKOSHIBA: Hm? It’s five minutes to twelve. Arriving five minutes early is a basic!
RIN: We agreed to meet at eleven!!
MIKOSHIBA: Oh, it was eleven, huh! [laughs] Sorry, sorry! I had the wrong idea!
RIN: Forget it, where do you want to go today?
MIKOSHIBA: Let’s see…
[A wind blows]
MIKOSHIBA: Oh? The wind blew from the north to the south. Okay! Let’s go south!
RIN: Huh? What’s there south?
MIKOSHIBA: No idea! We go wherever the wind takes us!
RIN: Eh? Wai–
MIKOSHIBA: Matsuoka! Let’s go!
[MIKOSHIBA walks off]
RIN: I don’t believe this… He just LEFT ME…

RIN: (Not him. Then if it was Nitori…)

RIN: Oh, you’re here early Nitori.
NITORI: Hello, Matsuoka-senpai! Good morning! Since it’s a date with you, I came here two hours early!
RIN: That’s too early.
NITORI: No, this is normal.
RIN: Forget it. So, where are we going today?
NITORI: How about the shopping mall in front of the station, to go see a movie?
RIN: Okay…
NITORI: I already have the tickets. Here.
RIN: O-Okay… Thanks.
NITORI: Oh, I even made lunch, so tell me when you’re hungry.
RIN: Okay…
NITORI: I even have tea ready, so tell me when you get thirsty.
RIN: Okay…
NITORI: I’ll blow on it to cool it before I give it to you.
RIN: Uh…
NITORI: Also, if you get tired out from walking, I have a camping chair and sun umbrella–
RIN: Ahh, shut up!

RIN: [sighs] Not him either.
NITORI: Senpai! Which is it, me or Captain?
MIKOSHIBA: Well, Matsuoka?
RIN: Neither. [walks off]
NITORI: Hey, wait! Senpai!

Translation credit

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Song: Call Me
Artist: Blondie
Played: 35,553 times.


Blondie - Call Me

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